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Laughter to me is life's plaster. It helps us to gain perspective on many of life's ills and injustices. It helps give understanding and commonality across cultures and communities.Those things we can't gain perspective on it can help us share and have others help us make sense of. In one capacity or another I've been a comedian my entire life (as we all have). Whether that imaginary joke counter started the first time I intentionally nudged someone to laugh or whether it only started when I made a concious decision to put myself under a spotlight, is irrelevant. The point is, I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to make people smile, so it could be said that I make people smile for selfish reasons. If that is the case then I would like to become the most selfish person to ever give.I've found laughter to be one of the greatest equalisers i've ever encountered. It doesn't matter where you come from or what language you speak, laughter crosses divides and can cement a room full of people of various ethnicities, cultures and communities into a common understanding.We laugh when we are happy, sad, scared, confused. In fact laughter, in my mind covers all eventuallities. It can get you out of trouble as well as into it.I remember the very first time I had what could be considered a "fit of laughter". It was triggered by a scene in a film called "Blazing Saddles", involving a group of men eating baked beans sat around a camp fire. The laughter this scene evoked in me lead to my mum's laughter and before we knew it we were both crying with laughter even though the scene had long since ended.That feeling of tummy tightening, unbreatheable, cheek flexing laughter is what I would hope every audience I play to will experience. If I get halfway close we'll have had a good time. I'm sure I could reel off a whole list of people who've inspired me to do what I do but when all is said and done it all comes back down to the laughs and finding something in what's been said that somehow resonates on a personal level with a set of people I've only just met.I would imagine many different people could guess at what kind of people we are by outward appearances but only a narrow few truelly know us. This is an open invite for you to get to know me and say hello whenever is reasonable. Thanks for visiting these pages and hope to meet you soon.
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Hope I donít need it but....

19th July 2017

A lot of people have plastic surgery. I have no problem with it especially if itís to correct a medical condition or for reconstructive purposes after an accident cos the condom broke and you really donít want that woman to find you, then yes, have surgery. My issue with plastic surgery is when people use it for reasons of vanity to change their look via chest, cheek, bum implants (I quite like the look of some of the chest implants, in women, but only when they are wearing clothes. Not so fond of the unclothed augmented boob.), nasal restructuring, eye lifts, face tightening, tooth whitening. The list goes on and on cos if you can cut it, you can move it. What if you get involved with someone and think youíve struck gold. Theyíre smart, funny, exciting, good looking and they find you adorable. Then one day, after youíve been together for a while, you decide to have a baby together. I know some of you have been caught out like that. The child looks nothing like either one of you but DNA tests confirm the hospital didnít mess up and that this is actually your pickney.....both of yours. You start to think back to all the times you were over her familyís place and only recall seeing pictures of her brother and this other hairy dude that you assumed was a lesser primate of some kind. I think that if you have any kind of ďlook alteringĒ surgery then you should have to sign some kind of register (like sex offenders cos you could feel offended after sleeping with this person then finding out what they really look like.) that can be checked online so people can see what you looked like before the surgery and can make an informed decision as to how far the relationship will go. You canít go around having sex with your new pretty looks and your ugly genes. Plastic is fantastic people but itís not a toy......unless itís a toy. Think of the register like this (if youíre a woman). Some dude gets you pregnant. You donít like him and tell him to stay away. Heís a bit psychotic (if you can be ďa bitĒ psychotic) and likes you too much. Goes away and gets plastic surgery, comes back looking completely different and gets you again. Thatís not only persistent and creepy, itís one of the best examples for the need of such a register. (Same scenario if youíre a dude but she may not go as far as surgery and may just change her hair and makeup.) Enough!!

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